Perhaps you’ve heard of word-of-the-day toilet paper (yes, it’s a real thing). I first heard of it in the TV show Friends, when not-so-bright Joey starts using such words as “jaunty,” and “cachet,” much to the confusion of the others–until it’s revealed that he has, you guessed it, word-of-the-day toilet paper!

And, to be fair, that hat is pretty jaunty…

But here’s the thing about toilet paper: you don’t exactly keep it around. Or, at least, I hope you don’t–I know I certainly don’t, anyway. I toss it and never look at it again. But what about all those wonderful words that you (if you happened to have purchased the novelty word-of-the-day kind) supposedly learned? They’re gone forever.

No longer! Now, coming to you fresh, unstained, and un-throw-away-able, is your digital word-of-the-day TP. Enjoy.


All word definitions are courtesy of, rearranged and supplemented by myself. All definition and etymology sources are linked in-article, and all information gleaned from those sites is the intellectual property of the sites’ owners, not me.


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